DALZIEL & PASCOE - Childs Play - BBC - 1998

'Childs Play' is one of the many Reginald Hill books that have been adapted for television.

John plays Andrew Goodenough who, although on the outsides of the storyline for most of the episode has a major part to play at the end.

Goodenough works as a representative for a charity called 'The League Of Women For Empire'.

When a rich widow dies leaving a will which may result in the charity gaining a dowry of over 3 million Goodenough sets about trying to make sure that is exactly what happens.  He comes across as a well educated, well spoken business man looking after his charities welfare.

However, there may be more to Goodenough than the posh country gentleman exterior seems to suggest.

Eventually the police discover that he has a record for living on immoral earnings, but is he responsible for the ever increasing number of murders?

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