LOVEJOY - The Stones Of Destiny

Lovejoy was a popular BBC series featuring Ian Macshane as the rogue antiques dealer, Lovejoy.  Stones Of Destiny was one of the later episodes and is minus the characters Lady Jane and Eric.

When a Celtic cross is discovered but is subsequently stolen by Lovejoy's friend, 'Bible Joe', Lovejoy and Charlotte set out to find him.  There search leads them to a small Welsh village where they find everything closed or closing and the population leaving.

John plays Jacob - the baddie!!  Masquerading as a historian he and his gang of helpers tour the world looking for lost relics and treasures from which to make money.  Jacob buys the village becuase there may have been need to blow a hole in the cliffs below in order to locate the other crosses.

Lovejoy of course saves the day and Jacob is caught!!

Although this was not a major role for John he plays the part rather well, and although he's the baddie, he's charming and gorgeous with it!!!!