Taggart.  Episode:  "Love Knot".  January 1990

I wasn't sure where to house this review, but in the end I decided that it sat better with the general TV reviews than with the Robbie Ross ones. 

Obviously John was always destined to play a "Robbie" in Taggart because even in this guest shot he played a character called Robby (with a 'Y' this time) Meiklejohn.

The episode starts, like any good Taggart episode should, with the discovery of a body dragged out of the Clyde.  The body is that of a young woman who has had her feet and hands tied with climbing rope.  Her face had been mutalated by a climbers ice pick.

The first time we see Robby Meiklejohn he has been stopped by the police for speeding.  The PC who stops him knows him from school and passes on his info to Jim Taggart.  When his name is subsequently mentioned during the investigation and they find out he is a climber Taggart and Jardine's suspicions turn to him as the possible murderer.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this Robby is a similar character to the Robbie Ross we all know and love and you'd be right.  Both come across as very sure of themselves and oh yes they both have an eye for the ladies!!

No suits in this episode.  Nice denim shirt and jeans but I'm not sure about the bow tie he wears, I think thats an aquired taste!!


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