MASTER OF THE MOOR - ITV - Ruth Rendell Adaptation

Many of you will know Ruth Rendell's work from the TV adaptations of her books featuring Chief Inspector Wexford. 

Master Of The Moor was a one off story set on the bleak moors and featured two main characters - Stephen played by Colin Firth and his wife Lyn.

From an early age Stephen had been fascinated by the Moors and spent much of his time walking them.  He had married local girl Lyn when she was 21. They loved each other but had no physical side to their relationship.

Lyn was un aware that this mattered until she visits her local pet shop to buy a kitten.  In stead of Mr Bales the old shop keeper she finds, Nick, his nephew.  Nick is played by John.  Taken aback Lyn finds herself thinking about Nick in a whole new way.  They eventually embark on an affair.

Stephen finds a body on the Moor and becomes embroiled in a dark series of events.

Master Of The Moor is a dark, psychological drama that has many twists and the watcher/reader on their edge of their seats.

The character of Nick sees John playing the tall, dark handsome stranger who falls in love with Lyn.  He wants Lyn to move to London with him believing that living with Stephen and the Moors is killing her.  She refuses to go with him - it breaks his heart.



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