ALBION MARKET. Granada Television

Ran from 1985-6

Albion Market was produced to lift ITV's weekend figures and was thus shown on Fridays and Sundays.

An ambitious show which in reality received poor viewing figures.  Only 100 half hour episodes were ever made.

The show was set around the lives of the stallholders in a Manchester covered market.  In the forefront of the action was wide-boy cake stall holder Tony Fraser, played by John, Tony's girlfriend Lisa and her Mum, Lynne.


Picture: Tony Fraser says a final goodbye to girlfriend Lisa, after she finds out about his advances towards a barmaid.  He hitches up his caravan to his Land Rover and moves to pastures new.   This episode was shown on 11th May 1986.
Tony's girlfriend finds him with barmaid Collette. This epispode was shown on 27th April 1986