Reviews On This Page: Poirot and BUGS


This Poirot story is just one of the many that have been shown on TV over the years.  Poirot (created by Agatha Christie) and his trusted sidekick Hastings find themselves investigating the mystery of a flat that has been offered for rental for sometime.  Nothing odd there you might think but the rent wanted by the owner of the flat was ridiculously low, so why had no one taken it? 

Enter John's character, James Robinson and his wife who can't find anything wrong with the flat and decide to rent it.  Not understanding why it had not gone sooner they mention the matter to Poirot at a party.

Initially Poirot suspects that there is something dodgy about Mr and Mrs Robinson but soon sees that they are merely pawns in a bigger game of espionage.

FAN FACT: This is your chance to see John in a dinner jacket complete with bow tie (nice), a burgundy tank top (yes a real woolly one) and stripy pyjamas brandishing a golf club!!  Do I need to say more???


BUGS.  Series One.  Episode 6, May 6th 1995 - STEALTH

Stealth was only one of many episodes of BUGS which aired between April 1995 and August 1999.  BUGS was based on the adventures of a team of three techno wizards who solved cases of hi-tech crime and espionage.

John played a character called Paul Cray, right hand man to the boss of a company called Tronix, a hi-tech design company responsible for the development of a car with it's own intelligence.  When it becomes obvious that someone is out to steal the companies ideas the BUGS team are called in to provide security for the project.  However it soon becomes clear that the company has a much bigger secret to hide.

How can I describe Paul Cray?  Well he comes across as a dodgy car salesman really and something of a coward - as soon as he finds out that there is a bomb heading for the laboratory he tells no one and flees!

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