TRUTH OR DARE - BBC Screen One Play - 1996

This Screen One play was set in Scotland and featured Helen Baxendale in the lead role.

The play starts with a scene showing a man throwing himself onto a railway line.......

....the second scene shows David Baird played by John and Lorna Johnson (Helen Baxendale) in bed together.  It is clear that these are clandestine meetings and that David is married.

John's character David Baird is a fiscal officer or Barrister and Lorna Johnson is a Solicitor. Much of the first part of the play focuses on David and Lorna however after this the viewers attention is drawn much more towards Lorna and the entrance of 3 old University friends.

Initially pleased to see her old friends she invites them to stay with her in her flat but when she eventually throws them out things start to go seriously wrong - papers disappear from files and are leaked to the press, her car is stolen and then mysteriously turns up and she is embarrassed in public by her female friend kissing her at a works function.  It becomes clear that she is not free of them - but why wont they leave her alone?

Lorna seeks David's help but he is restricted because he doesn't want his wife to find out about them.  Lorna 3 friends make sure she does and when David's wife is murdered the police go looking for Lorna..........