Wire In The Blood.  Episode:  Shadows Rising.  November 2002

The series, Wire In The Blood is based on the books by Val McDermid and features the central characters Dr Tony Hill a clinical psychologist played by Robson Green and DI Carol Jordan played by Hermoine Norris.  It has recently returned to our screens for a new series.

Shadows Rising was shown in two parts.

When a young girls body is found in a remote lake Tony Hill is called in to try and get into the mind of the killer.  At the same time national TV celebrities Jack and Amanda Vance are receiving hate mail and return home to find their dog murdered and placed in the bath.  Seemingly the two are in no way connected.  Why should they be?

John plays Jack Vance an ex Scotland football international and daytime TV star.  He leads a hectic life, full of public appearances and female admirers, but all is not as it seems.  Jack's wife Amanda is being targetted, she finds the dog dead in the bath, is hit in her car and her manager with whom she is having an affair is brutally murdered.  Seemingly the work of an obsessed fan.

Despite tracking down a male fan whose life evolves entirely around Jack and who could quite easily be the murderer, Tony Hill is not satisfied.

A pattern of girls disappearing emerges, linked in each case to Jack and Amanda's visits to town.  All the girls were of about the same age and appearance and all left home with an overnight bag.  Where did they go and who did they meet?

Regular visitors to this site will know that I encourage anyone who has only seen John play Robbie Ross to watch as much of his other work as possible, in particular Monk Dawson, to witness his diversity as an actor.  Well this part is no different, but be prepared for a shock.  For most of the first episode Jack Vance comes over as the victim and a really nice guy, but his character changes dramatically and shockingly.

Shadows Rising is a chilling tale of a betrayal that leads to murder.


John's character takes a dip in the pool during one scene.  You see, this programme has something for all his fans!!!


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